25 DIY Christmas Gifts! Homemade Gift Ideas!

Today I am showing you guys 25 DIY Christmas Gifts! These are homemade gift ideas that are for the most part extremely cheap and easy! It’s a lot more fun and special to make your own christmas presents for your loved ones. These gifts are perfect for friends, teachers, family, mom, dad, brother, sister, & anyone inbetween! I have a ton more DIY gift ideas so I could definitely make another DIY Gift Ideas if you guys are interested! I will also be making videos on snacks and room decor so definitely stay tuned! Love you guys!

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25 DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Copper Leaf Coasters: http://www.wonderwood.no/single-post/2016/10/23/TIPS-TIL-HJEMMELAGDE-JULEGAVER-1-diy-kobberblad-coasters-HOMEMADE-CHRISTMAS-GIFT-IDEA-1-diy-copper-leaf-coasters
Harry Potter Treat Boxes: http://littleluxuriesloft.com/blog/2016/9/10/harry-potter-printable-treat-boxes
Ombre Knitted Hat: http://www.ladybythebay.com/blog/2015/12/ombre-knit-hat-pattern
Letter Balloon Pillows: http://studiodiy.com/2015/12/17/diy-balloon-letter-pillows/
French Fries Ornament: http://studiodiy.com/2015/12/03/gifts-for-your-besties-diy-french-fries-ornament/
Emoji Gift Wrap: http://studiodiy.com/2015/12/08/diy-emoji-gift-wrap/
Fruit Pebble Macarons: http://studiodiy.com/2015/11/05/fruity-pebbles-macarons/
Holiday Coffee Printables: http://livelaughrowe.com/holiday-printables-for-coffee-lovers/
Sharpie Mugs: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2015/12/try-this-food-safe-and-dishwasher-safe-mug-tutorial.html
Dog Bone Gift Wrapping: http://www.letsmingleblog.com/dog-bone-gift-wrapping/
Chips and Beer: http://www.letsmingleblog.com/neighbor-gift-idea/
Homemade Hot Chocolate: http://apumpkinandaprincess.com/2015/12/handmade-christmas-gift-ideas.html
Iron On Eye Slippers: http://almostmakesperfect.com/2015/12/02/diy-eye-slippers/
Modern Pom Pom Pillow: http://almostmakesperfect.com/2016/03/09/diy-modern-pom-pom-pillow/
Mini Donut Boxes: http://almostmakesperfect.com/2015/07/22/printable-donut-favor-boxes/
Guess Who: http://almostmakesperfect.com/2015/01/07/diy-guess-who/
Holiday Playdough: http://www.kleinworthco.com/2015/11/homemade-holiday-playdough.html
Rainbow Gold Lustre Bath Bombs: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2016/10/rainbow-gold-lustre-bath-bombs.html
Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle: http://www.simplystacie.net/2016/10/caramel-latte-tea-cup-candle/
Knitted Mittens: http://www.leftinknots.com/home/2016/10/11/the-perfect-fit-mitten
Confetti Bowls: https://www.theconfettibar.com/diy-confetti-bowls/
Crochet Puppy: http://www.leeleeknits.com/free-crochet-puppy-pattern-leash/
Iron On Tote Bag: http://diyinpdx.com/2016/05/31/diy-mineral-chart-tote-bag/
Coffee Bean Soap: http://soapdelinews.com/2016/05/adzuki-bean-soap-recipe.html
Ombre Candle Holder With Polymer Clay: http://www.linesacross.com/2016/04/ombre-diy-candle-holders.html/

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What Kind Of Corporate Gifts Would Look Good For Promotional Purposes?

When a company looks for a way to promote itself in the market, advertisement seems the best option but if you go for the same you will end up with the huge amount spend on it. Instead, you should look for an alternative that goes with your budget and provide you same benefits as the advertisement provides.

Best Gift Ideas for Your Handsome One

Men have always remained behind the shadow when it comes to gift taking. As much as us women love to spoil our men, it is only fitting that we present them with the gifts that they would love for sure. In the shape of a brother, a father, a husband, cousin and a friend, men always have our back, so why should we hesitate when it comes to them?

Finding That Last Minute Gift Has Never Been Easier

With today’s busy lifestyles it can seem as though we are always on the go, and rushing from one task to the next. With all that rushing around it’s only natural that many of your tasks get left until the very last minute, which often results in a whole lot of stress on your end. When it comes to gifts it’s great to be able to put the time and thought into each and every one, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

Client Retention and Corporate Gifts

There are many strategies that can be used for client retention. Personal gifting is one of them. One way to help retain your clients is through thoughtful gifts.

Advertise Your Business Daily With a Gift

Custom promotional mugs offer a great way to promote your business through a gift. Since so many people drink coffee or tea daily, it is an item that will get used.

Five Personalized Promotional Gifts Tips You Need To Learn While Buying Gifts Online

Changing times have completely transformed the business world. Marketing and business promotions have become crucial necessities for every brand, and they are striving hard to devise the right strategies.

Indian Hand Carved Artifacts – An Exotic 5th Wedding Anniversary Wooden Gift

Are you nearing up to your 5th wedding anniversary? Would you believe that the two of you are about to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary and have been married for almost half a decade? Most couples simply cannot believe how quickly the times flew. So a 5th or Wood anniversary is certainly worth a celebration.

Why Coffee Mugs Are The Best As Promotional Gifts

There are so many cafes and coffee houses all around us because the love for hot as well as ice coffee is never-ending. Since, it is a social trend to sip a cup of coffee on the table in meetings, conferences, and normal business talks, the love for the hot beverage is increasing day after day.

A World Globe Lamp Is a Wonderful Child’s Gift

A World Globe Lamp was something that I was dreaming about. I was probably 6 at the time, and Santa saw fit to bestow upon me a wonderful Christmas present of a rotating blue metal globe with its own cream plastic stand. I distinctly remember it to this day, 4 decades on.

Get Collectibles And Gifts For Less

Being able to get all the collectibles and gifts you want for a lower price is exciting. You can stretch the money you have to buy items for your home further. You can get more value when you buy a gift for someone special.

Convenient Accessories To Keep Handy

There are plenty of items that fall under the group of stationery. Such items can help you to conveniently write a letter, take notes, create entries in your journal, and more.

Best Gadget Gift Ideas You Can Buy Even After the Holiday Season Is Gone

Although the holiday season is gone, there’s no end to yearning for a new gadget in your life. So holiday gift ideas are still on.

How A Monica Richards Doorstop Can Make A Cute And Quirky Gift

However well we may know someone, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift when a birthday or special occasion is on the horizon – particularly if we’re rushed for time. The well-known saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’ offers some comfort, but you still don’t want to waste your money on something the recipient won’t use or enjoy.

Why You Should Buy Yourself An Anita Jeram Mug

Due to the fact that we use them everyday, mugs have proven themselves to be an incredibly popular gift choice. Having something beautifully decorated to drink from can help lift our spirits if we need a pick-me-up, and can brighten our mornings considerably when it comes to that first cup of tea or coffee.

Tips to Buy Required Supplies for Gift Baskets

Are you looking for a gift basket? If so, you can either buy one or make one on your own. For the later, what you need to do is shop for the required supplies. You need basic packaging in addition to decorative touches. Once you have got all the things that you need, making the basket will be a piece of cake for you. Below are some retail sources that you can head to for buying the needed stuff.

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