hey frens 🙂 today I’m sharing the best Christmas gift ideas for your man! I hope these ideas are helpful! Check the playlist below for more gift ideas & subscribe so you dont miss my next gift guide!
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Best Christmas Gifts for Her

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Best gifts for him:
F off slippers
Tile Performance pack (both key & wallet finder)
Tile Key Finder
Tile Wallet Finder
El Yucateco Red & Green Habanero Hot Sauce set
Schmidt Bros knife block
Schmidt Bros knife block with the knives
Shun knives (ok I swore reuben said these were way cheaper than the other ones but they aren’t lol my bad)
AirPods case
Kiehls skincare gift set
Watch (here’s a few)
Ember mug
Ember travel mug
Air fryer
Philips Hue strip lights
Philips. Hue lightbulbs
Fragrance sampler set
Chanel Blue
Dior Sauvage
Mont Blanc
Helicopter lesson (here’s a link to a groupon in Chicago–its just for a ride not a flying lesson. I couldn’t find the one we did)

What I’m Wearing:
Sweater (half off right now!)
Earrings (use BRIANNAFOX for 10%off)
Rings (use BRIANNAFOX for 10% off)

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•Sigma – use BRIANNASIGMA for 10% off
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•Miranda Frye jewelry- use BRIANNAFOX for 10% off
•Velour Lashes- use BRIANNAFOX for 15% off
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Canon 5d mark IV
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Lumo Studio Softbox Lights (2) –
Sennheiser MKE600 Microphone-
External Recorder-
The cord to connect recorder to mic-
Canon G7x (vlog camera)-
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