DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas For Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Basic 💁 / Easy Brown Paper Gift Wrapping

hey guys if you don't want to be basic this year when it comes to wrapping your gifts for your friends and family wanna turning some plain brown craft paper into fancy looking DIY gift wrap alright prepare all the gifts you want to give away and cut out some of the paper that is big enough for the present you have no idea how much brown paper I collected over time that has been used in packages that I ordered online and this is such a good way to use and make something beautiful with them let's start with the first design add a little bit of paint into a mixing palette or a bowl and mix it with a little bit of water if the paint is too thick now I take the widest bristle brush we have because it's important to use a bristled brush here give it into the paint remove any excess paint and water and now I can start painting I simply create a vertical and horizontal lines by lightly moving the brush over the paper you just want the bristles to slightly touch the paper so you don't get a thick line just the pattern of the brush the pattern looks a little bit weird right now but don't get discouraged this really pattern design is part of the process now to make it look even fancier I also use the metallic gold colored watercolors and went over the pattern again to create additional stripes once the white paint has dried this will not only add a little bit of color to the design but the metallic paint will reflect the light super beautifully but you can use any color you like of course while this design is drying let's move onto the second idea here you want to use the same white acrylic paint just this time add a little bit more water and mix it very well give a smaller brush into the liquid paint and then start tapping the brush so the brush drips some of the paint onto the paper for bigger dots of paint I simply loaded up the brush with paint and then interrupted above the area where I wanted it to go but don't worry about making it any particular way as we really want to have this abstract and spontaneous design let it dry for a bit and then if you want you can incorporate another color here I decided to use metallic gold acrylic paint and do the same but you can use any color you like I just really like how fancy the gold paint made the whole design well this is drying I will show you another idea here you can also use either acrylic paint or watercolors I use both and just painted thick lines with a little bit of space in between with a flat brush diagonally I really love using my metallic watercolors lately because they just make everything look so special and sparkly you absolutely don't have to cover the whole paper in this pattern I just edit a few lines like that and then let it dry now if you don't want to use paints you can also use a white crayon or white colored pencil here use a wide woody pan by Stabilo to create the design I discrete a few branches with leaves a branch of a pine tree and a few other patterns that I thought would fit but you can get really creative with that if you want the design to look a certain way when you wrap the paper around the gift I would use the gift as a guidance to sketch out the area I need for the text or the pattern and then draw the design accordingly in this case I just trusted the power of randomness now if you don't want to draw anything you can simply just write something to make sure the text will look good as a gift wrap I simply wrote Hoka ho multiple times diagonally all over the paper in the beginning it was quite easy even though I accidentally wrote lol but after some time I think I felt a little bit dizzy and I made a few more mistakes but you can of course write it Merry Christmas or design something beautifully with a hand lettering design I simply use my messy handwriting to create the pattern and I think it turned out pretty cool once everything is dried you can start wrapping presents I won't go into the details about how to wrap a gift into paper because there are so many ways and I'm sure you know how to do that I simply brought the paper around the gifts as I would normally do that and then I used a little bit of twine to add it around the gift as well now if you have any branches of Pinetree or anything else you can use to make the gift-wrapping even fancier you can secure it with the twine on top I only had my fake IKEA plan that I could use so I plugged out some of the branches and added it to the gift wrap and I think it looks pretty cute who would have thought that fake akia plans would come in that handy I really hope you like it what was your favorite design if you need even more ideas how to wrap a gift or how to create a gift card you can check out my other videos right here thank you so much for watching guys a wonderful day and it was see you soon bye

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