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Hello December! Welcome back to Faith Love Life & Style and Day 1 of “VLOGMAS 2020” here with me. For my very first year, I’m starting off by sharing some of my absolute favorite products from Amazon and great gift ideas/stocking stuffers. Shop these items and more via my Amazon Storefont:




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Zodiac Flowers – Which Flower Suits Your Sign the Best?

Undeniably, refreshing flowers can please anyone with their divine beauty and fragrance. They certainly have a strong impact on everyone. Moreover, they have a pure appearance which can magnetize positive energy quickly.

Congratulations on Your Graduation Cards

There are many proud moments in an individual’s life; one of them is their child’s graduation. It can be a high school graduation or a college graduation. Some parents make a big fuss over a pre-school graduation especially of their only child.

Simple Gift Ideas For Your Mom

Are you having troubles thinking of what kind of gift to give to your mom? There are many products and items today which you can choose.

Usher In The Christmas Spirit With These Decorating Ideas

Christmas is the perfect occasion to pull out all the stops. Decorations should head to-do lists and no effort must be spared to create unique, colorful and cheerful results.

Alarm Clocks – Best Gift for the Family

Mornings at home are a joy. You get to see everyone and eat breakfast with everyone before heading out for your various agendas for the day. However, there are just some mornings which are so chaotic.

9 Classic Flower Arrangement Styles

Flower arrangement is an art and like any form of art, its beauty lies in creativity. Formally known as floristry, it can extend beyond mere flower arrangement to encompass the cultivation and trade of flowers.

7 Ways To Make Custom Made Gifts

Do you like gifts? Before you automatically answer yes to the question, you might want to consider what the gift would be. Okay next question. Have you ever gotten a gift you really didn’t like?

Authentic Limoges Boxes – Perfect Array of Gift Ideas for Your Mother

Are you worried about what to gift your mother on her birthday or how to express your love towards her on Mother’s Day? The woman who picked out the choicest of things for your needs or brought home your favorite doll and surprised you with a lavish birthday party definitely deserves something special and unique. And what can be a more exclusive and exquisite a gift than a Limoges box?

My Flowers, My Emotions

Most of us are aware that every flower carries a distinct meaning to it. But we often get mislead and choose wrong flowers to express our emotions. The following article will suggest some suitable meanings to different flowers that may help you to choose the right kind of blossoms to send as gifts to people.

Limoges Boxes and Figurines – Things to Cherish for Vintage Collectors

Your son has just taken his first step or your daughter has won the first prize in a dance performance. It is your 25th marriage anniversary or your husband got a terrific breakthrough in his career.

Exclusive Gifts

Gifting is an art and exclusive gifting is a step further in that direction. Exclusive gifting is a meticulous task. The gift has to be perfect for the occasion.

How To Give A Gift That Adds Value And Keeps Giving

We have so many holidays and special days in the year. Easter. Christmas. Thanksgiving Day. Wedding Days. Birthdays. Father’s Day. Mother’s Day. When you want to give someone you love or an acquaintance a gift, there are a myriad of gifts that you can give them. But with so much to choose from how do you buy the perfect gift for someone? How do you purchase the gift that will leave a lasting impression? And more importantly how do you present your gift?

Cleaning and Repairing Limoges Porcelain Boxes and Other Items

The exquisitely crafted and hand-painted Limoges boxes splashed with the right hues with apt proportion and precision have unique aesthetic charm. And if maintained and cleaned with care the porcelain boxes made from special Kaolin clay can shoot up in their value too.

Gifts For Mom And Newborn – Personalize It With Flowers

It may be an old cliché in the romantic department, but flowers truly say everything you want to tell the love of your life. You serenaded her when you were younger with her favorite roses, so why not do the same now that you have a beautiful child together.

Newborn Baby Gifts For Mother And Child

The joys of having a baby are the culmination of nine months of challenges and determination of the woman you love. She deserves to be thanked and rewarded for the beautiful child you are carrying right now. Both mother and baby also deserve to be taken care of and pampered to ensure good health and fast recovery.

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