15 BEST Gifts for GUYS! *Mens Gift Guide 2020*

hello everyone and welcome back to shae's channel today we have yet another smashing gift for guys video we're going to go through a whole bunch of good stuff and i'm just glad to be here thank you this is my husband josh for all of you that don't know this is a yearly video we do this every year josh picks out the best gifts for guys i helped a little bit but a lot of these things he really loves and they're great for your dad a boyfriend a husband basically any guy in your life so we have a lot to get through a lot of unique gifts so everything that we talk about and share will be linked down below in the description box without further ado let's get into it okay so i'm actually gonna go first we're gonna take turns back and forth but this one i wanted to cover because it was such a hit last year and i liked it so much i stole it for myself so it's the extra wallet it's kind of like a mini wallet but it does hold money and cash with this clip here but the main feature is this push button and you're gonna see you hit it it actually fans out the cards it holds up to 12 cards and it is r f id that's correct blocking technology so it's super secure this is just something that so many guys would absolutely love it fits easily into their pocket it holds a lot and it's just unique with this push button that you can easily see your card so anyway i do have a code they gave it to me because it was such a hit last year it's just shea you'll save five percent which doesn't sound like a lot but the thing is on their site right now they have a huge sale going on and you can use my code shea to save five percent on top of that sale so these are really well priced and there's lots of color and leather options too all right next up we have this really cool this is this is bad now round two i don't like doing this you do like doing this i don't know you're the one that said that this is what we should buy it is people i bought it for myself i'm telling you if your guy does not have one of these he's going to need it this is an absolute essential thing you need it's got up to a half inch drill bit set i already have this and i bought it again because you know you just use it so much it's got a whole bunch of good features but again it's a great price everyone should have one of these things and it's not the most exciting thing but it's something that they will appreciate so it's a necessity and it's from amazon by the way yeah amazon very well two days get it start drilling next we have some clothing items for you guys to consider the first is from nordstrom the rest are from amazon but i think that clothes are just a go-to option a lot of times guys don't buy enough clothes for themselves and and these things are just kind of just they're just good options i think a lot of guys no matter their style would really like them so sure first like i said this is from nordstrom it's just a nike sweatshirt but the quality is like really really good you love it i did pick it out um i absolutely love it yeah it's like one of their tech lines so you can like it's like the zipper on the side you can run with it or do whatever but also just like a regularly stylish like i'd wear this anywhere right i feel like the camera's not really picking it up that well but it's it's just an extra nice sweatshirt super quality okay here we have an amazon essentials flannel this is extremely well priced i think it's under 25 bucks if i remember correctly and this is just a super stylish comes in a ton of colors i didn't have a flannel shirt i just i don't know why i just kind of like held off on the trend and i think it's it's a classic it is it's kind of more on trend right now for sure i don't know why i just like never gravitated toward it but i just decided i'm gonna get it this year and i just i don't know i like wear it all the time i love it it's super comfortable again something you can wear with just a shirt underneath it's not too heavy it's not too light it's like right in between again perfect for winter yeah so many guys would love that next we have this sweater that he picked out i really love this because it is again lined with that flannel but it kind of peeks out because it's a zipper and i like the collar it's like bright orange it's just when some details kind of peek out of the jacket or the shirt it just looks a little bit more expensive but this was only 36.

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Again from amazon it does come in many colors he went with beige i think they have gray and black but i think so many guys would love this the last piece of clothing we have here is this amazon zip hoodie and i've been loving this thing honestly it's got this like really really warm and soft like i don't know it's like sherpa type lining and this is perfect for for two reasons mainly because it's in between kind of like a jacket and a sweatshirt so a lot of times it's cold outside you want to wear a full jacket because i mean for me i'll be too hot this is like the perfect in between and also it's got the hood on there which i like some of them we've shown here don't have a hood you put your arm in here you get a little bit of buff muscles going on i mean hey who doesn't want that you are constantly wearing this it smells like a campfire you wore it to camp last week last weekend it's just perfect yeah i really really like it so again even little things like this extra thick like drawstring looks cool it's got nice warm pockets it's just an all-around goodbye next we have some men bracelets which again were such a hit last year that i wanted to include it again this year because they have some new designs and they did send me a discount code and it's like a really good one so i'm just gonna kind of throw on a few of them here on josh so they have beaded options which look really cool and then they also have ones that are more like rope looking or more knotted there's a lot of different options but this one you just slide on like that and then as you can see it just looks really cool i probably wouldn't necessarily stack everything but i'll be including some b-roll of just what the different options look like they also have ones like this one is more silver and it can slip on but these would look cool by themselves they would look good with maybe a watch so like i said the code is shave 40 for 40 off their entire site and if you are going to spend over 200 you can actually use code shea 50 and save 50 so that's a lot you could really maybe even buy a few for different guys not what or you could that sounds really bad husband and father-in-law yeah brother what's on your mind shay i meant diff different bracelets so you had different options same guide different bracelets we got it moving on next we have two different types of bags from travel tech which is a really good brand but these items are a little bit more expensive they're just super high quality i wanted items in this gift guide to cover lots of different price points so he's going to share about the weekender bag and i'm actually going to unbox this so here we have an awesome weekender bag something that every guy should have weekender bags are totally the jet the thing about this is it has a bunch of cool like small features i feel like a lot don't have so obviously it's super nice inside it's got nice accents but it's actually got this really cool laptop it's padded it's a it's a laptop compartment yeah it's super nice so you don't see that in week in their bags yeah just like toss clothes in and good to go this has a separate space for your laptop it's padded on the other side it actually has a compartment for shoes which you do see some of them have but again so it'll separate your shoes yeah you wear gym shoes and they want them to smell in your whole bag so you put them in here or dirt or whatever yeah everything so yeah it's got a bunch of compartments inside it's like again super well organized i feel like a lot of times the weekender bags you have just an open compartment which i personally cannot stand so i like this how it's got a bunch of different compartments inside it's just an all-around like really nicely sized nice i really like this this also from travel tech this is well i'll just unbox it for you i love unboxing who knew so it comes super well packaged and this is for any guy out there that maybe goes to the office as you can see it is a beautiful briefcase it's so nice the leather is extremely fine italian leather okay so this is what it looks like you can't see it looks like a bottomless pit but there's lots of different compartments for your cell phone pens um laptop chargers it's just really nice what is this well this is so you can go on your on your travel case the handle of your rollerboard people don't know what rollerboard is it's the suitcase you carry when you go when you travel which not none of us are even really doing right now but that's okay we will sometimes we will someday anyway if this is just super high quality the next gift idea we have is this wireless phone charger and it kind of goes along with this briefcase and weekender bag because it's from the same brand but it does fit perfectly into this briefcase there's a specific slot for it which is really cool same with the weekender bag and as you can probably imagine it does just wirelessly charge your phone which is awesome and then there's also two uh usb outputs and a charging output it's just handy so this is from the same brand so you could get it separately but also you could pair it with any bag and i do have a code for the travel tech items including this and it's shea and you'll save 20 on their whole site okay continuing on with some bags here we have this super cool um backpack and i really like this because a few reasons one it has a very nice easily openable even though it looks complicated but it's not look at that so just you don't have to actually undo any buckles right yeah you just open it up there's a laptop storage compartment in here so i think it'll fit like a 15-inch laptop it's got a whole bunch of room as you can see so it's nice and long which i personally like a lot of times i have backpacks that are like real short and small these look weird on me so i feel like that's a nice plus for this it's super padded in the back um with the nice really nice straps so um i just really like this thing it's very masculine looking and i think there's five different color options and it's from nordstrom the last bag we have is a toiletry bag or pouch and i actually ordered this myself for josh as an early christmas present um as you can see i don't know if you can see but it is engraved with his initials here and here so i love that it's customizable and it's just personal i also think the leather feels and looks so nice the zipper quality is great it holds quite a bit and i don't know i just feel like every guy kind of needs a toiletry pouch and he actually just keeps it he uses his like every day in our bathroom he just leaves it like sat out so i wanted to get him one that just looked a little bit more stylish for on the counter but obviously this is great for travel too alrighty then next up we have this awesome yeti tumbler um i just love this thing this is a 32 ounce or i think 30 32 oz i'm not sure it's like one of the biggest sizes i use it for coffee ice water anything you can really think of it works in here and just obviously everyone knows yetis are quality brands like one of the top brands everything will stay cold everything will stay hot whatever you need one of the things i also like about it a lot is it's so easy to clean first of all the top just pops off so the inside's super easy but also the top they have this like magnetic um slider that just literally just pops off so the whole thing is just incredibly easy to clean which is why it's the only one i use because it takes five seconds so yeah and then this one i personally love because it is more of a mug size so i use it in the morning for my coffee and i don't even put the lid on and i can just carry it around the house and my coffee stays hot all not all day but like a lot longer than a normal mug so you just can't go wrong with yeti mugs next we have this jbl wireless waterproof speaker which i've shown this a few times on my channel this is life-changing for me i love this speaker um i have it in white but i think again you've all seen this but black is obviously great for guys or white too but even so if they don't have something like this this is honestly one of the best if not the best small portable speaker you can get so it's got great battery life good quality water throw this in the pool yeah shower whatever anything okay so next we have this really unique thing thing oh my god it's a putting green yeah it is so anyway this is for all of those golf lovers out there or really just children because our children sure love to use this this is a cool tell talk it's just to speak words um things no i like this because i mean if obviously you're an avid golfer it's cool just like practice put around the house obviously it's not super difficult but i think it's like stress relief honestly yeah and like in an office on the phone you're just like punching around yeah it's like fun not for everyone it's just no i wanted it's a fun gift you have some fun gifts in here yes something more and again obviously you can see it stores really well it's easy to roll up it's not something huge and like something like really tough and hard and you can't move them so you don't want that this was amazon and best selling really high reviewed and i think a really good price okay next up we have these amazing ugg slippers which every guy needs i have some flippers but they were getting like really nasty ratty so i decided to upgrade a little bit and i personally think that darker colors are better for myself just because if i go outside and use them um you don't want to look like all just gross at the beginning but one of the things i love about these specifically is it has the hard sole i need that personally and some traction it's got some traction you're not gonna slip and break your back yeah which i've been known to do yeah um super comfortable inside obviously they're ugg so they're you're gonna pay a little bit more but the brand is like super super good yeah what's the gift guide without you have slippers i mean if a guy doesn't get slippers yeah is it really christmas i don't really know probably not okay so that does it for this year's gift ideas we're gonna roll some quick recap footage um but i hope you enjoyed it we had a good time as always and we'll put everything in the description box down below along with any codes or discount codes that you can use so thank you guys so much again and we'll see you very soon or i'll see you in my next video see you next year bye

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