Hey Ninjas! Finally my Amazon holiday wishlist for 2020 and my Christmas gift guide. You need gift ideas. I got you! All products from Amazon are listed below! ❤️

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Air fryer:
Wine glasses:
Suitcase Set:
Patio Furniture:
Organic Candles:
Beauty Fridge:
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gift Set:
GLO Teeth Whiting Kit:
Portable Charger:
Wireless charger:
Instant Camera:
Macbook/Laptop Case:
Canon Camera & Lens:
Stylus Pen:
Waist Trainer:
UGG Slippers:

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00:51 Home/ Household Gifts
04:43 Beauty Gifts
08:07 Electronics/ Gadgets Gifts
10:50 Clothing/Fashion Gifts
13:45 Outro

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