Best Amazon Holiday Gifts Under $50 // Amazon Gift Guide 2020

Hello! I’m back with another holiday gift guide video but this time all items are from Amazon and are under $50. I’ve been splitting my shopping between Amazon and small businesses and included a few of my favorite small businesses below. Hope you guys enjoy this Amazon Gift Guide video for 2020!

Items Mentioned:
1. Carhartt Beanie:
2. Slippers:
3. Earring Cuffs:
4. Initial Necklace: / Astrology Necklace:
5. Milk Frother:
6. Scrunchie Band:
7. Laptop Stand:
8. Phone Stand:
9. Essential Oil Diffuser: / Essential Oils:
10. Insulated Travel Mug:
11. Fitness Tracker:
12. Card Game:
13. Heated Throw Blanket: / The Comfy:
14. Memory Foam Travel Pillow:
15. Moscow Mule Set:
16. Scratch The World Map:
17. Cheese Board:
18. Cold Brew Coffee Maker:
19. Taco Holder:
20. PJ Set:
21. Tote:
22. Desktop Calendar:
23. Ring Holder:
24. Mario Badescu Facial Spray:
25. State Cutting Board:
26. Blue Light Glasses:
27. Pearl Headbands:
28. Breakfast Sandwich Maker:
29. Rice Cooker:
30. Makeup Pouch:

Small Businesses:
★ Instagram: @laurensboutique
★ Business Email:
★ Poshmark:
★ Music – Chinsaku – Midnight –
Ninjoi. – Nishi –
FTC: This video is not sponsored!

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