How to Draw a Trophy for DAD for Father’s Day step by step Cute

hi there when you hear from Joe so cute in this video we're going to draw my draw second trophy for a number one dad so let's get started with this trophy we're going to first start by drawing the curve for the top of the trophy so we I could start but right here and draw curve goes all the way across so this is the top part and we come in here give yourself a little curve and then draw the top the same thing just opposite so basically tried to draw it or trying to draw an oval so just breaking it up like that makes a little bit easier so then come in here since we're here already we're going to draw another curve just following the top just a little bit company and go all the way and come in and so then now we can go ahead and draw the trophy so come right here and we curve it down drawing the cut part just the other side try your best to match it and so you can draw your trophy as tall or short as you want so I'm just going to come about so I'm going to come to a center so notice about my center I'll end it all right there so I'm just going to start to bring it in just like drawing you and connect it and so then from there we can go ahead and draw the handle part so for this handle you can try your hand out however you like with this one I decided to make it a little bit fancy a job is curved so I'm going to come up here and I'm going to go up bring it around by drawing an ear and then flip it up around and come in and then come in here and we're going to just follow the outside so come in here draw a curve that comes in and then start to follow your outside and bring it in so now let's do that for the other side so we kind of just come across so you just give yourself some points so you kind of know about where to get you won't be too lopsided so then we know that we started right here at this point right here the lip right here so I'm going to go up where I gave myself a point I'm going to come around and so I know this is about where I taper in so you just kind of give yourself these little points and make it easier then this is where I start to go out and then come around and if your my point at the bottom and comes in so it's not perfect but it's pretty close so that's all we're aiming for and so then come in here like you know you gave yourself that point come in then now that easy part just follow the outside then comes oh so we got our two handles in so now let's come here I'm making this giving this trophy here a nice little bright shiny area so I'm just going to come about right here let's start but right here and going to drop down across so the same thing this just makes it look shiny drawing this starburst and then bring it in and come back down so you're just drawing the opposite and then connecting it so I got my thing already shiny trophy and then I have some details right here just stop fancying it up so I'm just going to follow the curve at the top and another Pampa so just for some decoration so it's not so plain and then from there I decided of course you know me I always have to put a heart wherever I can and because this is for your dad and you love him so much decide to decorate it with a heart right here in the center but you can go ahead and decorate it or write them a message whatever you want up here so just going to may just draw some fancy the home decorations nothing to complicate it so maybe another heart right here another decoration goes across so you won't really see that one so I'm just gonna leave it and then of course draw so cute eyes so right here two big circles another one right here and draw suck you eyes out two small circles at an angle curved line at the bottom and shade in the top so this trophy could be for anybody that you want to give a trophy to doesn't have to be your dad but because it's father stays coming up that's why I'm drawing this one for number one dad but you could write anything you want towards the bottom for anybody that you want to give it to and shade in the top and ones at the bottom and so right here my draw it curve just your anchor my eye and of course right here I'm going to give it a cute little smile smug smile there and right here towards the center we will start to draw the hand the body now if this son trophy so I'm going to come here and draw two curves and connect it so I'm making the base very simple and I'm going to come in here draw curve so these in the center I'm going to curve it out and come down so cur it out come down and I'm going to connect it and so then from here we're going to start to draw the bottom part so come in here again and draw another straight line under and so just make sure it's nice and centered as best as you can right there and so now we're going to just draw rectangles it comes down and this is the part where you get to write who you want to give this to so just to make it more dimensional I'm going to come in here draw another line so oops and then connect it so now the trophy looks like it's sitting on the base and so then from here I'm just going to come in and give myself a frame oops try to draw a straight line and there so then now I get to write number one dad so I'm just going to use a number sign once again key write whatever you want but this one is for a number one awesome dad so number one and then dad t-there so this is for our number one dad and so my idea is I didn't draw it here welcome you oops I forgot I'm going to add another curve right here and so then in here in this cup if you wanted to you could put whatever you want so say your dad loves sports you can draw all kinds of the balls like basketball or anything that he loves and he loves to cook you can put some chef's hat or barbecue grill anything you like you can just a draw in here for your dad to make it very special just for him so there I am I Cho fee for inspired for father Sam thanks so much for watching and please subscribe so you don't miss drastic convenience

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