how to make a snow globe with fuse bulb ?

HI friend. Welcome to a new video of M4Tech. Today we are going to make a snow globe out of a spoilt bulb in our house. First take a non working bulb for that. Cut off the holder from this part of it as shown in the video. Now use a screwdriver and make a hole in it Do all these very carefully else the bulb will break and prick our hand. So first comes safety before you start any work. Now take a bottle cap and stick a tree or flower whichever is available at your house. Stick it with glue. Now we shall fill some shells and beeds inside the open bulb that we had cut and cleaned. Now add some silcon into the bulb. I am using silver colour silcon. Next pour some glycerin into the bulb. You have to pour only 1/3rd of the bulb with glycerin. Rest should be filled with water. Now fill the rest of the bulb with water. Place the tree inside this bulb To make it airtight apply some glue using a glue gun and close the bulb with the cap tightly. There shouldn't be any gap in it.

The water shouldn't get leaked out at any chance. After that to seal it once more apply some more glue gun over it. Next to make a stand use a thermocol sheet and to mark it use an insulation tape. Cut it slowly over the marked circles. Now we have 3 of them. We should stick one above the other. Now lets take a chart piece and mark it this way. After that use a scale and draw a line connecting the marked lines. Cut over the lines. Same way to do the bottom part, mark it this way once again and cut it. For the inside hole, cut a circle from inside. Now apply some glue on the cut pieces. Make sure all the places are glued well. I am using red silicon over this. Now dry this well for 5mts. Then we have to stick this over the stand we had made earlier. Circle this in such a way it is stuck all around.

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Same way stick the piece that we had cut to stick at the top. Next there would be a gap between the stuck pieces. Apply some glue there and place some beads there. Lets do the same at the bottom too. Now we shall use some shells and beads to make it more attractive. Do it around the stand. This makes the work of the stand complete. Now we have to do the final touch. We have to place the bulb inside the stand and fix it there. For that I am applying some fevicol over the bulb Now place the bulb inside the stand. The work fro the snow globe is complete. Hoping that what I have shown you today will be beneficial for you any day in your life. Do subscribe our M4Tech youtube channel to get more videos like this. If you liked the video do like it and if you haven't liked it, you may dislike. Don't forget to comment. Shall meet you with more good videos. Until then this is Jio Joseph signing out with cameraman Praveen!.

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