Mega Scrapbook | Best Birthday Gifts for Brother | 9 Scrapbook ideas | DIY handmade gift ideas

Hello guyz, Welcome to VM crafts In this video I will be showing a giant Scrapbook I will sharing all the ideas to create scrapbook so stay tuned. This is the biggest Scrapbook ever created on vm crafts. A perfect handmade birthday gift. This is created for brother. Handpicked materials and specially choosen papers make this gift beautiful. The print quality of the photos are up to the part. The materials used are also high quality.

We have included various colored sheet which makes this gift very pretty and attractive. We also used many scrapbook ideas to decorate the inside part. outside of the scrapbook is very minimalist to make it simple and attractive. This scrapbook contains waterfall card, We have created a tutorial for this already on how to create water fall card. This are another two scrapbook ideas which fits well in this scrapbook. And here comes the squash card. We have already created a tutorial on how to create squash card. So if you want to decorate your scrapbook with this squash card just head onto that video this is another card for decoration of the scrapbook. This is the double slider, and if you are wondering how to create that than we already have the video on this one. just head on to that video and create your own double card slider.

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So this was the Mega scrapbook. A special handmade birthday gift. Like the video if you liked this scrapbook and share with the one who you feel worthy of crafts. We will catch you in another video. Bbye. Video- Mega Scrapbook. Best diy handmade birthday gift for brother. Including Many scrapbook ideas. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Subscribe to vm crafts for best crafts videos..

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