Mlp/Lps Christmas Haul 2014 + NEW CAMERA!

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Hello and a merry Christmas to all of you guys who celebrated

This is a page turner welcoming you to my 2014 LLP and LPS Christmas haul. So, as with all of my carry videos, I am NOT trying to brag or boast or show off or anything at all. I precisely want to show you guys what I came for Christmas so that you guys know and are prepared for future videos. So I approximate now without any further ado here is my most requested. 2014 Christmas haul, okay so, the first gift that I have gotten is. Most certainly the most important one in my view, and it is the Canon Rebel t3i gos, something or other, and it is a new camera. So yes, if you have not noticed already, I am actually filming this video with my new camera and so far it is working huge. It’s amazing, at filming and photography it’s just amazing, and hopefully you guys will enjoy it as I “il use” it in all of my videos. So the second endowments that I have gotten is likewise camera related and it is a little camera. Stand there’s a wiggly and you can adjust the length.

It’s just really cool, and I will be using this for my old-fashioned camera, which is now going to be my blog camera, which I take to locates and material, and so I’ll be using this together. Scenes that are low on the sand and substance like that, it’s gon na, be really helpful and though I do not have it with me right now, I was likewise imparted money to purchase a camera bag to hold my camera, so I can haul it To people’s, the homes and other regions like that, all right. So now, moving on to the pony stuff that I’ve gotten, I got the mild honey rainbow stones of Christian Girl, doll, Octavia, melody, dull and Pony positioned, and commonly I is not collect the usher Bell dolls, but this one I just like because certainly it Came with a pony and it comes with some cool supplementaries and she inspected only looks really cool, so I’m provoked about that all right, so the next Pony gift that I have gotten is the plum sweet single set. I have wanted this for a long time , not just because she is an excellent pony which he is, but also because my friend I’m sure you know who she is. Has this penny as her mascot?

She hasn’t found that video in a long time

Hopefully now that I have her, can persuasion her to come over to my house to dump some videos all right. So the next knack that I’ve got is the Lulu luck single pack and she did not come in package, but that’s alright, because she still has all of her supplementaries and that’s all that matters to me, and I try our best to prevail This pony in an auctioneer before on ebay, but I did not win it, so I’m very happy to have finally gotten her after her a couple of months all right. So these little plushies were given to me by my sister, who does own a YouTube channel where she affixes, minecraft gaming videos called thinker l28 and well. These plushies are super cute and minuscule and alright. So next I got another plushie and it was given to me by my good friend, cloudy sky.

He was also a youtuber that I seldom manufacture videos with

Fluttershy is my favorite pony and I adore when come he’s soft mane. So this plushie is fabulous and now onto my LPS gift. So this is actually my last-place gift and I am not grumbling because this is a super cute little crouching cat, which I’ve required for a while. Now she I actually desire the crunch in “cat-o-nine-tail” on PS, so I don’t know she’s just super cute, alright, so that was already all my endows. I genuinely hope you guys enjoyed this and are looking forward to the pile of reviews and other videos, with my new camera being filmed I for one. I’m so excited to start filming videos with my new camera because it is amazing I actually have a Lynch yeah, I’m, just so excited so anyways.

I hope all my inspires had a Merry Christmas. If you do celebrate it and only a happy day, I suspect if you didn ,’ t and well, if you would like to please put down what you have gotten for Christmas down in specific comments below, because I would love to know anyways. You sure will love this VAT 19 thing. Thank you all. So much for watching, I will see you all in another. Video and don’t forget to stay carolled for brand-new years, as that is my channel anniversary, and I will be uploading some super cool videos and well. I will see you then bye . .


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